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Noticeably Smooth; Draw leads to a delicate blend of warm nutty aromas with notes of coffee, soft spice, followed by an earthy undertone. Has a mild finish that intensifies; perfectly smooth.
Noticeably Robust: A fine draw and an even burn. This cigar is smooth and rich, with complex flavors. Truly a full-flavored, full bodied masterpiece.
Noticeably Robust: A strong draw and even burn. This cigar is hearty and rich; pairs well with aged oak barrel bourbon. A flavorful, intense smoke.

Nectar Filtered Cigars 

If you like to experiment and like to have fun, these Nectar Filtered Cigars will blow your mind! Regular cigars can get repetitive really fast. That’s why these 3 ¼ inch cigars use a blend of tobacco that’s rich and fruity. Unlike actual fruits, they’re available all-year-round in the following flavors: Menthol Light, Full Flavor, Grape, Light, Vanilla, Cherry, Peach, and Menthol. These blends are rolled in a natural wrapper and filter so you can have lesser chemicals and a fruitier taste. Manufactured from Seneca Manufacturing Co in New York, USA, they travel all over the USA and some of them ended up with us. And we sell them at the best prices so grab a few before fruit flies get to them!

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