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Santa Fe Filtered Cigars

Strong cigars is where the treasure lies. Their powerful taste and aroma take you to another realm. You can now enjoy strong cigars filled with home-grown tobacco with the courtesy of Santa Fe Filtered Cigars. All this aromatic goodness is wrapped in Colorado Claro wrappers and then air-cured. They’re made all the way in Santa, New Mexico by Santa Fe Tobacco Company, but they could be between your fingers in a few days if you order from us. They offer a whole collection of impressive flavors such as Grape, Menthol, Peach, Mild, Regular, Mild Menthol, Strawberry, Cherry. Every day or a party, these 3 ¼ sticks will definitely make you the center of attention. Santa Fe more like Santa, bring me a pack! Or you can just get them from us!

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