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Seneca Filtered Cigars Cherry 100 Box
Seneca Filtered Cigars Full Flavor 100 Box
Seneca Filtered Cigars Grape 100 Box
Seneca Filtered Cigars Light 100 Box
Seneca Filtered Cigars Menthol 100 Box
Seneca Filtered Cigars Vanilla 100 Box

Seneca Filtered Cigars

Not many companies know how to benefit from premium whole-leaf wrappers to make perfect machine-rolled cigars but Seneca Filtered Cigars isn’t one of them. They assure you a flavor so good you’ll keep coming back to them. If there’s anyone you should thank, it should be Seneca Manufacturing Co. located in Salamanca, New York, USA since they’re the masterminds behind these 3 ¼ sticks. And they don’t just stick to regular flavors like Menthol, Light Menthol, and Full Flavor, they also make Cherry, Light, Vanilla, Grape flavors so that you can have the best of times. With every puff, you'll be glad you bought them since we’re selling them at ultra-affordable prices.

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